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May 16th - 18th 2008
celebrating Declaration of Freedom and workshop:
In the FLOW, celebrating LIFE.

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This is Finnmark, where the days of Western Europe starts as the sun reaches our shores. This is where the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights divide the year between them. This is the land of Eternity, wide horizons and the endless sky.

I am Anna, and I live here.

I love the lights and the strengths of this extreme nature. I seek the knowledge from people who have lived here the last 10.000 years, and the traditions of our indigenous peoples, the Samis (Lapps). I enjoy the closeness to nature, the eagles and the reindeer I meet when I travel, and I am happy to be with the rough, welcoming and humorous people who survive here in the Arctic.

I invite you to come here and share the adventure!

To nature. To yourself. To the sky.

Travels often start in the town of Vardoe, situated at the exact same latitude as the Pyramid of Cheops, but more than 70*North. A tiny island in the Barents Sea with a little more than 2000 people in colorful houses. Beyond Vardoe is the horizon, the ocean, the ice and the North Pole. To the East is Russia, and Murmansk is our closest big city. Going there requires visa and some planning, though.

On our way to Berlevag, to my VILLA BOREALIS, we experience one of the most varied and exotic day-trips by car that you can imagine. The endless horizon of the Varanger peninsula, following fiords and rivers, crossing high mountains and moonlike stone valleys, travelling along the roaring waves of the Barents Sea, and experiencing the ever changing light of the Arctic.

Getting here is easy, direct flights are 2 hours from Oslo to Kirkenes, even affordable these days. Getting around takes time, which is part of the experience. The area of Finnmark is so vast, there is one whole km2 to every human. You can be totally alone, and also with no artificial lights to hide the shiny stars in the winter. The summer nights are bright as days.

Coming here will help you find back to
To feel the magic, I recommend that you
spend a week or more,
but you can see much during an ”oval week end”.

In the winter, we will always have to surrender to the weather, so one cannot make fixed plans as you are used to. We guarantee, though, that you will have some experiences you hardly find anywhere else in the world. We can provide proper clothing.

You can choose if you want to stay at one place,
or travel on your own with good directions,
or if we should go together on a
The inner and outer journey.
I can travel with you, or your group, and share my experiences. My background as a Graduate of Psychology of Vision ( helps.
During long travels in areas where even the mobile phones will not disturb us (no signals) one often talks. Travelling here tends to give
new perspectives to life. Read more about my VILLA BOREALIS here.

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